The Death Industry is Leading the Charge to Spread Truth About the Dangers of Vaccines

I've decided to share the source of the spreading of all this anti-vaxxer non-sense (we definitely should not be vaccinating ourselves or our kids). It's the death industry.

Fewer than a dozen companies control the majority of the death industry in America (with many more profiting slightly less directly, like 1-800-Flowers), and they continue to lose business with all this "vaccination" crap. I mean, humans can just make more humans to replace the ones who die. Why do we need to be preventing death all the time?

As an example, Influenza and pneumonia, and Tuberculosis were the leading causes of death in the 1900's1. Between 1900 and 2010, the death incidence from these two diseases has fallen from a combined ~396 per 100,000 people in 1900 to ~16 per 100,000 in 2010.

The Tuberculosis vaccine was released (and subsequently used, because stupid people not wanting to die and shit) in 19212. This lead to a sharp reduction in tuberculosis up until it fell right off the list of nature's top 10 danger sauces in 19601.

The first influenza vaccine was released in 1945, and the first pneumonia vaccine was released in 19772. In addition, an improvement to the pneumonia vaccine was made in 20105 that likely reduces that ~16 number above by a few. But, I mean, this is all probably correlation without causation anyway.

Now, the sharp reduction may be at least partly due to our improved hygiene (at least for most of us...), but that's a pretty sharp decline. What's worse is that we have so many more people now; the death industry could be making sooo much more money (especially considering the ever-increasing prices of services).

Also, I know a ton of people who are vaccinated against these diseases and still get them are generally far less sick and for a shorter time, but they (probably) weren't going to die anyway. So **** 'em.

To play devil's advocate, let's be way fairer to the anti-vaxxers/the death industry (who is definitely behind the movement for truth) and narrow the range. Let's start at 1940 instead of 1900 (because people were, probably, much more hygienic and health-educated by then).

Starting in 1940, this is a couple decades before Tuberculosis was almost eradicated, but it's incidence was far less than in 1900 (people during that decade must have just been way better at sucking and dying). The rate of death per 100,000 people for these two diseases was ~116. What's 100 people out of 100,000 (or a measly couple more with the decrease caused by the better pneumonia vaccine)1?

Why should we put in any effort to save ~309,000 lives each year? That's only like 0.1% of the population3. They're weak! Let them diiieee!

The death industry would surely be very somber and sad about the increased death, but the ~$2.8 million dollars they'd gain in profitability (based on the average cost of a funeral being ~$9,000 these days) would probably be enough to dry their eyes.

And again, we can just make more people. Why are we taking money out of the mouths of all the children who depend on those dollars? They're probably starving to death for god's sake!

Ideally, we'd stuff all this vaccination non-sense and bump their profits a little more. Not to mention the additional profits the health care industry could be raking in. ... you know, come to think of it ... maybe the two are working together on this campaign to spread truth. But I digress; that's a question for another day.