That's Not Where That Goes (laptop review)!

Awhile back I purchased a pretty spiffy laptop. I got it for a good price at Best Buy. It was thin, light, looked nice, and was an all around awesome ultrabook. Except for one thing. One, ridiculously ridiculous thing. How the Lenovo Yoga 910 got out of the design stage with this issue is beyond my comprehension. However, before I tell you about the horror that is the issue, we'll Tarantino this a bit and talk about the good things the laptop has going on.

First, the screen is beautiful. The model I got came with a 4K screen. No bright spots, no annoying bezel that catches all the dirt, just an all around excellent screen (it even supports touch, but not the kind you need to draw real pretty, such as you can with the Surface series of convertibles). Of course, I wouldn't expect less from a convertible laptop with 4K resolution. It performs more than adequately with anything I do, from gaming to movies to web browsing. No complaints. I'm very happy with the screen. Though, something that others may not like is the bottom center positioning of the webcam. This positioning serves to reduce the bezel size. Personally, I don't mind, as I never actually use the webcam.

The model I bought also came with a 512GB SSD, 16GB of RAM, and a 7th gen core i7 7500U (a 2.7Ghz quad core) processor. These stats give it plenty of oomph, and I haven't noticed any throttling due to heat issues. While it doesn't really play current gen games, it can do last gen without too much trouble, and it does online flash games with no issue. That said, I didn't buy it for gaming, so the lack of gaming performance didn't worry me.

The laptop itself is also super prettyful. It has a 'watchband' style hinge that's shiny and silver, a sleek body, just the right amount of chrome accents, and a good looking limited edition glass top (my laptop is numbered 1831 of 4000). As far as aesthetics go, the only laptops I've owned that I liked the look of better had an Apple logo on the back.

Yet, given all of these great things, I would not buy this laptop again. That atrocious flaw I mentioned earlier? They mucked up the keyboard. The feel of the key presses is pretty standard affair, and nothing broke off. It's really just one thing. To allow for full size up and down arrow keys (instead of the half size you often see on laptops), they cut the shift key in half and put the up key where half of the shift key used to be. The keyboard literally becomes unusable for me due to the decades of muscle memory that tell me that the area occupied by the up key should be occupied by the shift key. I may only use the right shift key when trying to hit the question mark, but it still ends up being very frustrating very often.

If you can get past this issue, or your decades of muscle memory don't use the right shift key when trying to ask a question, the Lenovo Yoga 910 is a great laptop. It's snappy, light, looks real pretty-like, has decent battery life, and is an all around solid machine.

Also, remember, as I always like to tell my friends, you can always hit up Best Buy to see some hardware in person. The service there is much better than it was in the past, and they'll price match Amazon, Newegg, and many other large online retailers.

I hope you found some value in hearing me ramble on about my laptop, and I'll see you next time.