When reading part 1 of why You are Insignificant you may rightfully determine it to be a little nihilistic. Life is meaningless, so why try? While I do admit that, by itself, it does end a bit glumly, it only tells half the story. The other half is filled with much more of what some may consider "feel good non-sense". However, I feel it's actually "feel good sense", as it's quite sensical, and I've applied it to great effect in my own life.

    Life isn't meaningless, but it does only have the meaning we give it. We get only one life, and we spend so much of it being concerned with trivial decisions. We spend so much more of it being concerned with what others think about us and the trivial decisions we make. The truth is, even the teeny fraction of our daily decisions that matter only matter to a tiny number of people, and often only to ourselves.

    Everything I've written so far is to illustrate just how meaningless life is when lived only for others. If nothing you do really matters,

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    You are insignificant. The world doesn't care about you. You are forgettable. Barely anything you do truly matters. These are good things.

    When it comes to the universe at large, you are an insignificant speck riding on an insignificant speck that's orbiting an insignificant speck that is, itself, an insignificant speck in a galaxy, which, as large as it is, is an insignificant speck in a whole universe of similar insignificant specks. The odds of you doing something that affects even our galaxy, let alone the universe, are incalculably small. This is a good thing.

    If we bring the scale down a bit to just our world, since that's where we all live, we're still extraordinarily insignificant. Since the beginning of humanity, it's estimated around 108 billion humans have been born, including the ~7.5 billion currently alive. You are one of them. One. Singular. An individual member of the species. The number of notable individuals within that number is extremely small. If we assumed

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